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My name is Shawn Johnson, owner and operator of Pressure Wave Recording Studio. Being a musician, knowing what it's like to struggle financially and need a place to record that didn't break the bank, I decided to open up my home and start recording in 2014, and since then I've had a blast doing this.

A bit of a back story about me. I've been a drummer for 35+ years, been lucky enough to have been in two signed bands, done numerous fill ins, and work with many talented professional musicians. During all my time as a drummer, I really fell in love with recording and music production. Over the years I've learned tricks of the trade from reputable studio owners. 

With all I learned and with my understanding of struggling musicians, I really felt the need to work really hard for those who come here to give them the best possible product at a rate they could manage. I do my best to work with budgets and not short change the quality. I provide a relaxed environment, a enjoyable place to create and make great music.

My promise to you is that I will do what I can to make your vision come to life, and to work hard to capture the very best of you.

- Shawn Johnson

"Pressure Wave Recording Studios IS the real value! If you are in the Chicago area and need some tracks recorded, give him a look. Do not waste your cash on a maybe! We have worked recorded and mixed with Shawn a zillion times and will continue to do so!"


- Sentenced On Sunday -

"As a band we've dealt with several producers and post production engineers before working with Shawn. His professionalism and helpful advice we're paramount in developing the sound we were looking for. From tracking to post production, he worked diligently to help us create a sound we're all extremely proud of."


- Vent To Atmosphere -

"Shawn is the man. He knows what he's doing behind the board, knows how to get the best performance out of every member of the band, and knows how to get an amazing sound and get it pressed to the wax(figuratively speaking on that last bit). Take it from us, if he can get this group of shlubs sounding sicker than the Corona Virus, Shawn's the man you want helming your next record"


- Wicked Deception -

"Pressure Wave is a great place to record. Shawn is awesome to work with and definitely knows what he's doing. He always has ideas to add to help make the whole experience go smooth. All the gear in the studio is top line. Shawn will help you get where you're going with your recordings. He's got a pretty sweet beard too"


- NoneWillFall -

"Pressure Wave is one of our favorite spots to record music! Shawn is absolutely incredible. He is not just a dude that sits there and hits record, he will take the time to make sure that the end result and finished product is the absolute best it can be. Every time we leave the studio with Shawn, we learn more about ourselves as individual musicians and have new goals to strive for. Shawn is professional, his equipment is top notch, the tones and sounds that he can produce are incredible, and the price point is very reasonable for the quality of the end product!"


- The Liars' Club -

"Recording at Pressure Wave with Shawn Johnson was a blast. Top notch facility with pro gear and attitude. Helped bring our tunes to life. Highly recommend you record there."


- Frontline -

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